Help for the Tamayo-Agudo Ohana

Help for the Tamayo-Agudo Ohana

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I am expecting my first child in the next month, and ever since I learned I was having a daughter, I have looked at #girldads in a different light. But I cannot imagine the stress and fear PJ Tamayo-Agudo felt having to escape the Lahaina wildfires with his three young daughters. And he did not save just them, he also was able to evacuate his wife, in-laws, and two dogs Maile & Kilo.

PJ, and the entire Tamayo-Agudo Ohana, now have to rebuild and recoup everything that they lost to the fires. In addition to their house, they lost most of the camera equipment Abby uses as her livelihood as a photographer. They also lost their pet chickens and many aquariums and fish.

PJ & Abby are one of many Ohana’s that lost everything, but they are committed to staying and rebuilding in Lahaina. They appreciate anything you can donate to help:

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