Donate to Maui Wildfire Relief

Donate to Maui Wildfire Relief

Looking for a place to donate to support Maui wildfire relief efforts? There are a number of ways you can directly support those affected.

Community Organizations

A number of Hawaii-based community organizations we recommend:

Local Grassroots Fundraising

In the true Aloha Spirit, locals have come together to support each other with grassroots fundraising efforts using GoFundMe and Venmo to directly donate to families.

This crowdsourced Google Sheet lists over 1,000 GoFundMe & Venmo links for local familes.

The Instagram account @Lahaina_Ohana_Venmo has gained over 60K followers with 250 posts of families and their Venmo QR codes.

Donate to

While we are not a 501c3 organization, we have set up our own GoFundMe’s as a general fund to collect donations to disperse across local families. We are Maui residents and will not keep any donations to these fundraisers. 100% of every dollar donated to MauiLove’s GoFundMe’s will be distributed directly to Maui families affected by the fires. Learn more about MauiLove here.