About MauiLove: Ohana helping Ohana

About MauiLove: Ohana helping Ohana

The picture above was taken a day after the Maui wildfires. A day after Jade, PJ, and their lil Moana (on right) lost everything from their home in Lahaina. This picture represents a brief reprieve of happiness and “normalcy” amidst the worst disaster in Hawaii since Pearl Harbor. The fires burned 2,700 structures, displaced thousands of families, and took hundreds of lives.

We are Maui residents with a mission to show MauiLove to other local families who have lost everything in the wildfires. Being part of the community, we are hearing harrowing and heroic stories that don’t make the news. Many families were just lucky to escape, and lost their homes, cars, and entire livelihoods. We want to provide visibility and awareness to these stories and enable people all over the world to directly help local families. All posts on MauiLove.org are verified families in need and every dollar donated goes directly to them.

There are countless ways each one of us can help. This is how we can make a difference.

Jade & PJ

Jade was born and raised in Maui and could often be found surfing Thousand Peaks with her girlfriends. After a short stint on the mainland where she met her husband PJ, the two moved back home to start their family.  Jade and PJ settled into a home on Prison street with their 5 month old daughter, Moana, and a dog known by all as Braddah Bernie. Like so many others in Lahaina they lost everything. They are moved by the outpouring of love and support from near and far and decided to give all funds and items gifted to them to neighbors and families who are in desperate need. Jade shares her story on NBC Miami:

Jen & Joe

Jennifer was born and raised on Oahu, learning to serve her community at a young age while leading a local service organization in Mililani. She met her husband, Joseph, in SF and moved to Maui last year to start their own family. Now living upcountry in Pukalani, Jennifer and Joseph are expecting a baby girl in September. When Jen and Joe heard their friends Jade and PJ needed help, they opened up their home to shelter, feed, and clothe them.

Understanding the dire situation that so many families are facing, and brainstorming ways to support the local community, MauiLove was born. We all have different ways we can help, and this is ours.

Show some #MauiLove and donate.

Contact us: MauiLoveOrg@gmail.com

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