Reunited & Need Help: Phil & Ally

Reunited & Need Help: Phil & Ally

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Winds of up to 80mph blew down the West Maui mountains on the afternoon of August 8th, fueling the wildfire that jumped entire town blocks in minutes. Phil & Ally are two Lahaina residents that were caught without warnings and barely had time to evacuate. Their story is one of so many harrowing accounts of survival after the worst night of their lives.

Imagine being separated from your partner, not knowing where they were, or even if they survived the fires. This is the nightmare that Phil & Ally found themselves facing. After leaving their home, Phil told Ally to run while he chose to stay back to help a family member, but unfortunately he was unable to save them. Without cell phones or any service throughout West Maui, the two were not reunited until Friday afternoon on the 11th. It was only thanks to a few serendipitous events and encounters that they were able to get in touch and find each other.

Phil & Ally lost everything, and while thankful to be alive, need help to get back on their feet:

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