Galinato Ohana Relief

Galinato Ohana Relief

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As of August 20th there are still thousands missing from the Maui wildfires. Families have spent the last 2 weeks unsure where their loved ones are, and unable to access the area to search themselves. While many remain displaced in shelters, each day it gets a bit harder to hold out hope for those still unaccounted for.

The Galinato family is one Ohana that has been living in a state of uncertainty ever since they had to split up while evacuating their home in Lahaina. The Galinato’s have lived in their Kelawea home for generations, and they lost everything in the fires. Last week, they learned that their father, Alfredo Galinato, did not make it out and passed away. While a consolation to hear any news, it was not the news they were praying for.

I met Josh Galinato back in 2020 filming Akoni’s Ohana music video. His kindness was immediately evident back then, and he remains strong now for his family in the face of all this sadness. He is determined to overcome this tragedy and rebuild his life and home in Lahaina. Please consider helping Josh and the Galinato family by donating to their GoFundMe or Venmo below:

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