Hana Hou for the Hopkins

Hana Hou for the Hopkins

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Mala Ocean Tavern is a favorite restaurant for both local residents and tourists on Maui’s West Side. I have watched many beautiful sunsets with friends from the bar and patio overlooking the ocean. I was relieved to hear that the Mala structure survived the fires, but like all businesses in Lahaina, it will be a long time before anyone is enjoying sunsets again or their signature seared Ahi (my favorite).

Caleb and his wife Amy are the owners of Mala, and while they have been focused on helping the many families of their employees who are out of work, they too are dealing with loss. The Hopkin’s themselves are displaced, their home has been damaged and is unlivable. Funds donated below will be given directly to Caleb and Amy to support their family through the aftermath of the Lahaina fire and the rebuilding.

You can also support employees of Mala Ocean Tavern and other local businesses donating to the Hana Hou Hospitality fund:

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