Barrios: A Narrow Escape

Barrios: A Narrow Escape

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Shaleena, Michael, and their two young daughters had a narrow escape out of Lahaina. They lost their home they worked so hard for, along with all their possessions in the fire. But they are most grateful for their lives.

It was a rough start to the day with a power outage starting at 4am, followed by crazy high winds, and no cell service by noon.  When they saw smoke a block away up the road, they made the decision to evacuate. 

Michael yelled out to his family: “We’re leaving now! The fire is here! Everyone needs to leave!” Black smoke filled the air as they jumped into the car and drove down Prison Street towards Front Street to evacuate oceanside. They didn’t get very far to find traffic wasn’t moving, so they went back down where they came from searching for a different way out, only met by a fallen palm tree on one side of the road and fire barreling down on the other side.  Driving through a median going back towards the fire, they found themselves sitting in another parking lot of cars also trying to escape. They made the quick decision to abandon their vehicle and ran on foot towards the harbor. They continued along the beach break wall. Each time they stopped to catch their breath to evaluate the situation, the smoke would overwhelm them and push them along further.  Luckily at the end of Front Street, with debris flying everywhere, someone yelled: “Get into my truck!” They were finally led to safety because of the aloha spirit of a complete stranger. 

Ironically, Shaleena shared she was wearing a shirt that said “Stayin’ Alive.” Let’s help this ohana get back on their feet with funds to buy clothes, food, and shelter for their family so they can not just stay alive, but thrive.

Shaleena and her daughters are currently with family in Santa Cruz, CA, while her husband Michael is still in Maui helping the community.  Shaleena recently did an interview with CNN:

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