Help Maui Animal Clinic: Kerry

Help Maui Animal Clinic: Kerry

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The Maui Animal Clinic is composed of a dedicated team of veterinarians and technicians that have been serving Maui’s West Side for decades. One of those employees is Kerry Buitrago, who lost her home, her car, and almost her boyfriend Dave.

Kerry and Dave were separated while fleeing the fire. He told Kerry to go to baby beach and wait for him, but he never came. As Kerry waited the heat got so hot she felt like she would catch fire. The smoke was so black she could hardly breathe or see.

Dave stayed behind and tried helping their neighbor Gary Savage (the guy that painted portraits near Fleetwoods) hose down their condos and move cars. All of a sudden a huge roaring fireball came down the side of the complex setting all the condos on fire, including Kerry & Dave’s.

Dave tried moving his van in front of Pi pizza but the building exploded catching his van on fire. Dave jumped over the seawall into the ocean where he stayed for hours until coast guard rescued him. He attempted to save an older woman who got her car stuck between burning vehicles, but was unsuccessful.

Kerry walked with her friend Savanna to Kaanapali and got a ride from a stranger. She didn’t hear anything from Dave until 4 the next afternoon, fearing the worst.

All Kerry & Dave have left is their two pups Taquito and Mai Tai, their wallets, and the clothes they were wearing. Please consider donating to Kerry’s GoFundMe or directly Venmo her @Kerry-Buitrago:

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